GPM 物业管理 is very aware that our best advertising is our clients and that client references are important in making a decision on a property management firm. In the past we have provided prospective clients with e-mail addresses and phone numbers of clients for references. Because we take on so much new business, our clients were becoming inundated with reference requests. 以下是一些客户的推荐信,供您审阅.

There is a level of trust between ourselves and our clients and we take pride in the fact that we have been in business for over 50 years and make every effort to satisfy our clients. GPM 物业管理 is a member of NARPM and is a licensed real estate broker.

“谢谢克里斯. 我很高兴有你的陪伴. 你们让我们在加州的一切都很顺利. 打算下个月再添一处房产."
——塔里克. 史密斯,MBA

“我只是想花一点时间说声谢谢. 你的公司给你带来的内心的平静是无价的. 你们的在线系统很棒, 我有个问题,部分租金去哪了, 在网上查了业主声明, 找到了答案. 期待在不久的将来与你们做更多的生意."

". . . 我不常说,但是我爱你们!!!!"

". . . your company has done a wonderful job and I will use them on anything else I own in the future as well."

“嘿,克里斯, I just wanted to touch base with you regarding all our properties we have with you guys between all the Trisons LLCs. 我们对你们处理这些365电竞入口的方式非常满意, 有些租得很快. 我们现在有五处房产被租出去了, two properties that are waiting to be tenanted and three that are getting rehabbed and once these are completed, 然后我们又要去打猎了."

“感谢您一直以来的支持和理解. I doubt if any other management company has so direct cooperation with their clients."

"I feel obliged to extend a sincere thank you to you and Garners as a whole for helping and Jane and I rescue our investment in 19950 Oakfield Street and bring it to the point where it is making the sort of financial return we had hoped for but which at one stage looked a far off possibility. 非常感谢你的帮助.

我想提供一个关于你的团队的快速反馈. I had a short conference call this afternoon with Jessica regarding my monthly statements. 我必须说,我很困惑,直到我和她交谈. She was kind enough to add a new statement to my portal which gave me a complete overview of everything going on and provide me the details behind. 我现在百分百确定可以继续了."

“我只是想寄张感谢信. 看起来你又把我的房子租出去了. 这和我以前的物业管理有天壤之别. 也, 你的管理, and the communication level from your team (especially from Jessica) has been excellent all around."

"GPM 物业管理 has consistently out performed our expectations in regards to the management of our portfolio. 管理我们这样规模的投资组合所面临的挑战, 27个365电竞入口, can be very complex and our last PM was not up to the task and made it very hard for us. Your company was able to step in, clean up the mess and get us back on the right track. 谢谢你的辛勤工作."

“我不敢相信已经10年了. All the partners at GIG Investment Group are very pleased with the service of GPM 物业管理 over the past decade. The apartments have been performing very well in this economy and we are looking forward to a profitable future."

"Working with GPM 物业管理 has been nothing short of a pleasure and incredibly convenient. 我的房子在几周内就从无法出租变成了出租. I rented my property myself for a year and a half and found it incredibly inconvenient and time consuming. The 10% property management fee that GPM 物业管理 charges is WELL worth it. 我再也不会以任何其他方式出租我的房产了."
——Chris Genereaux

这是一家“全方位服务”的管理公司! 你们是最棒的,绝对是我的救命恩人. Every time I called and asked for some additional information or extra services, 你们挺过来了. 我们真的很期待一个令人兴奋的合作伙伴关系和未来."

"I wanted to send you a note to express our appreciation of your services over the past 6 months. GPM物业管理是一股“新鲜空气”.“在服务的第一天之后,我知道我们做出了正确的选择. 他们反应迅速,可靠而且非常专业. They are able to take care of all of my property needs from daily work orders to a highly advanced data management system that I can access when needed.

I know when each rent is collected and when service needs to be provided to any of our units. 他们做广告,并及时展示我们的可用单位. Garner is at the top of their game and I would recommend them to anyone who needs management services completed in a "highly" professional manner. 如你所知, we have been through a number of property managers in the past and it is refreshing to be working with a company that is very professional and responsive to our needs. 我们期待着我们的伙伴关系继续取得成功."

“我只是想给你发一封简短的感谢信. GPM 物业管理 has really saved my investment properties and made them profitable again. I tried to work with another company and was dissatisfied with the communication and service. You guys kept me informed through all the steps of renting the homes and the on-line portal is just great."

“非常感谢瓦莱丽, you have been the only person who has truly given a crap about me and my so called investment. You are a true gem and I have already recommended you to investors at the meetings I attend."

“在我的365电竞入口经历了这么多麻烦之后, I feel so assured that you are so professional and on the ball with all matters related to Wormer. 我相信你的能力. 继续你的建议吧. 这似乎是最合乎逻辑的做法. I am in the process of raising funds to try to secure another property in Detroit and I also have a few friends interested in going the same way. I am very optimistic that I can forward you some further business based on what you have proved to be so good so far."

“非常感谢你,安德里亚. 我最近有没有跟你说过你是最棒的?. 是的,你是!!!"

“亲爱的加纳的所有人, Thank you so very much for your efforts and attention to helping us rent and manage our property. We appreciate the high level of customer service you have provided thus far and look forward to working with you in the future!"